Bellflower and its B.S.:
Until now, Bellflower was not much different than other cities and governments:
The California Constitution limits City Government, but officials want more power!
  • So, they become Corporations to be able to act as General Law Cities.
  • The State Legislature provided the category of General Law City to bypass limits:
    As a General Law City, constitutional "separation of powers" limits are circumvented:
       -> a City acquires Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Powers simultaneously!

    In 1995, Bellflower (Cleveland, Smith, Bomgaars) tried to ban private property:
    They tried to ban RVs, boats, and trailers on private property.
    They tried to ban shipping containers (safest containers, even in an earthquake)
    Thanks to the Municipal Election: March 4, 1997,
    We got a new City Council!!!!:

    On the Side of the People:
    Ruth Gilson
    Joe Cvetko
    Art Olivier

    Wavering, but
    sometimes for the People":
    Ray Smith

    Rarely for the People:
    Usually for More Spending and bigger Government,
    Continually demonstrates ignorance of the principles of our Republic,
    (a Bellflower teacher ignorant of the difference between Republic & Democracy???)
    & he doesn't want to listen the people:
    Randy Bomgaars

    If you feel fenced in by the city, compare the Bellflower by Pioneer Fence

    And here's the Korean recipe for Bellflower Root Kimchi

    Here's the City's License Taxes for business and rentals

    designed by Jim Krage

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