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Japan Nuclear Fallout in US is bad

Japan Nuclear Cesium Fallout in US

Hot Particles of Cesium-137 inhaled cause Cancer
and may be occurring a lot on the US West Coast.

Most of the following discussion centers on the following data & map:
Map of ground deposition of caesium-137 for the Fukushima-Daichii accident. radionuclides at cerea.enpc.fr/en/fukushima.html:

April 2011 CEREA Simulation Map Of Cesium Deposition Displayed Using Logarithmic Scale

The US Government claims that Geiger Counter Readings have not gone up significantly.

Yet - Radiation Found In San Francisco, CA Tap Water Rainwater Radiation 18,100% Above Drinking Water Limit

Information shows that unstable radionuclides, like caesium-137 are Dangerous

Read Hot radioactive particles in Seattle at 50 percent of levels seen in Tokyo Latches onto lung tissue

Get an Unbiased Discussion of Hot Particles in Seattle, etc from UC Berkeley's Department of Nuclear Engineering at: www.nuc.berkeley.edu/node/4459

Check this Comparison of Maps
from alexanderhiggins.com
Note the light Blue color in California, etc shows higher Cesium levels than in southwest and northern Japan.

Quoted from cerea.enpc.fr/en/fukushima.html:

Movie of the Fukushima-Daichii activity in the air (caesium-137, ground level)

The simulation was performed with a specific version of the numerical atmospheric chemistry and transport model Polyphemus/Polair3D. The parametrisations used for the transport and physical removal of the radionuclides are described in [1,2,3,4].

The magnitude of activity concentration field is uncertain and could be significantly different from the actual one. In particular, the source term remains uncertain. Therefore, these results should be seen as preliminary and they are likely to be revised as new information become available to better constrain the source term and when radionuclides data can be used to evaluate the model simulation results.

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