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Our founding fathers fought a war for a different kind of country: with Liberty for All:
The government was to be the servant of the people, not their master.
Common law was comprised of criminal and equity law, not "statutory law".
The purpose of the Law was to protect rights and property, not to regulate!
People only went to court if there was an injured party, not for statute violations.
But Big Brother changed things: "statutory law" was created to try to regulate us.

A "Corporate U.S." was created to bypass Constitutional Limits
The constitution didn't allow laws like "statutory laws" to "regulate" Citizens,
   =>>so the bureaucrats had to figure out a way to fool us into submission.
First, they created Washington D.C., a federal enclave outside of any state's jurisdiction.
Congress could then make special "local" laws that applied only to federal enclaves.
(They applied to denizens of Wash D.C. and the territories, not to the Citizens within the States)
The federal gov't has no Constitutional jurisdiction within state boundaries.
 (Federal Constitutional jurisdiction is only INTERstate and outside of states)
To circumvent these limits, they made the new "local gov't" in Washington a Corporation.
They called the new Corporation ""United States" for ambiguity to fool the American people.
Citizens are not subject to this local gov't called the "U.S."(just as they are not subject to
   jurisdiction of the united States of America while living within state boundaries.)
But the "U.S. Inc." local gov Corporation fooled Citizens into obeying it with its name "U.S.",
As a Corporation, it can act outside of Constitutional boundaries, because it can now be sued
        (Constitutional government set up under the Constitution could not be sued)
The Supreme Court has ruled laws that apply only to federal enclaves are constitutional
But the laws do not constitutionally apply to Citizens in the individual States !!!!
You have to know your rights and fight for them - Big Brother wants to take them away.
The Constitution prohibits a Central Bank - only the Treasury is Constitutional!
An unconstitutional Central Bank called the Federal Reserve ("the FED") was set up
    (this private Corporation, owned by the Rothschilds &. Rockefellers thru 9 owner banks,
     was formed thru "U.S. Inc." by a Congress with no quorum)
The FED has milked the USA of its Capital with $600 billion/yr in interest on an illegal debt.
The Consititution Prohibits Direct Taxes without apportionment
The IRS is a Direct Tax that applies only to denizens of federal enclaves
    (because they are subject to the new "U.S. Inc.")
Then the Victory Tax Act of 1942 pleaded with Citizens to be super-patriotic and said:
"Please get a Social Security number to be able to pay IRS taxes to win WWII".
The IRS was a temporary tax to expire after the end of WWII (ha ha?).
People didn't realize it took "purse string" control away from the States & thus was unpatriotic!
Now, people accept the IRS, SS#s, the FED, & federal jurisdiction?
$600 billion in taxes pay just the interest payments to the FED (to the Rothschilds
        and Rockefellers) every year, sucking the blood (capital) from our country.
now we have NO CAPITAL LEFT! => a Depression.  We were all fooled!
The judges have been fooled too, so they often make rulings by what they believe, rather than reading the fine points of law presented with proof of original intent of the founding fathers. The courts are supposed to provide "checks and balances" against unconstitutional actions by the other 2 branches, but they have refused to do their duty! For example, the 14th and 16th Amendments were not properly ratified, but the Secretary of State validated them, and the Supreme Court has ruled that it won't question his validation.
Judges that have forgotten the laws of our founding fathers would benefit from a criminal justice degree online refresher course. The Freemen and Patriots get rightfully upset, but no one should directly threaten even an ignorant judge with violence, but rather with judicial complaints and Title 42 lawsuits.   Instead of violence, you have to learn your rights and legal tools you can use (like proper legal reponses, Administrative Remedy, lawsuits, (liens?), etc) that you can use to protect yourself from gov't abuses.

Statutes are not constitutionally applicable to Citizens of individual states.
So they tried to make everyone believe that "U.S. citizenship is a privilege"
granted by U.S. Inc. thru the 14th Amendment).
Sovereign State Citizenship is a RIGHT, not a privilege!
State Citizens have automatically all the rights of Citizens of the US, but are not subject to US Jurisdiction. The States were the Nations, but US was only a federation of those Nation States.
U.S. Citizenship was not a new privilege granted by the 14th Amendment
The 14th Amendment only gave the privilege of Citizenship to ex-slaves and immigrants and gave nothing new to Natural-Born Sovereign Citizens. This distinction of 2 types of Citizenship, upheld by the Supreme Court, is often cited to label Patriots as racial bigots, even tho that's the law!
They suspended the Constitution by Executive Order in 1933.
They have used Executive Orders to get Emergency War Powers since 1933 (& 1917). These Emergency War Powers allow unlimited power to the Executive Branch. They are supposed to be granted only in time of war or rebellion. In 1933, the only problem was the run on the Federal Reserve.
It was to suspend the Gold Standard, so the FED could keep the gold.
The War Powers are supposed to be revoked at the end of the war!! Instead, they keep declaring new wars: (besides those in Korea & Vietnam) We have the War on Drugs with a Drug "Czar?", the war on crime, etc.
Our standard of living is lower than our parents':
1/4 of one salary of one working father paid the mortgage before.
Now both parents have to work (a perversion of "Women's Lib?").
And we are taxed about 70% of our earnings (Fed,state,DMV,property,sales taxes + local fees and hidden taxes)
Government has truly run amok!!!
Have we lost our rights as Sovereign Citizens or is there hope?
Read the info below and decide for yourself:
(& fight Gov't with Administrative Remedy, as taught by Ed Kahn & Dan Tankersly)
(don't wait until they pull you into court, but also study the law to fight them there)
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