We Deal With A Tremendous Amount Of
Internet Data Every Day For A Better Security.

Deepinfo was founded by a highly skilled team with PhDs and masters in cybersecurity and big data.

We have the most comprehensive Internet-wide data and have been using this data for years to empower cybersecurity of all sizes of organizations worldwide, including the Fortune 500.

Deepinfo is backed by well-known industry professionals from Europe and the US.

I'm proud of Deepinfo Team for gathering the most comprehensive data and using it to empower all sizes of organizations' cybersecurity.

Macit Tuna

Founder, CEO

Deepinfo By The Numbers

Data used to secure 10,000+ organizations worldwide.

Scanning the entire web every 3 days.

10+ Terabytes of security data analyzed every day.

Employees in 8 countries.

20% of the core team has PhD in the field.

5+ Patent applications.

After 20 years of helping thousands of organizations secure their web applications, I can easily say what we do at Deepinfo is a real game-changer.

Ferruh Mavituna

Board Member, Strategic Advisor

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