Hello Again From Deepinfo!

Macit Tuna
a year ago

Hello from Deepinfo! I’m Macit, founder & CEO of Deepinfo.

As the first blog post, I will tell you about who we are, what we are doing, and why we are doing it.

Deepinfo was founded by cybersecurity researchers passionate about understanding the whole Internet and converting Internet data into meaningful information. We get the data, convert it to information, analyze it, and make it knowledge.

At first, it was a dream to collect all the Internet data to gain insight. After working on different levels in the cybersecurity industry, we decided to leave everything aside and build our dreams. It was challenging, risky, and not for ordinary people, but we couldn’t survive without trying. So we did it.

The Internet changes very quickly, and we have to be as quick as the Internet not to miss anything. We’ve worked hard to create the infrastructure to keep ourselves and our customers always one step ahead in continuously changing environments.

We do what we love so we can work tirelessly. We do what we have been working on for years, but we learn new things every day.

Deepinfo was originally founded in 2016. We finally reached our ideal after working for several years quietly and patiently. We are backed by well-known industry leaders from all over the world. Some of our investors are founders of unicorn cybersecurity companies and are excited to be here with us.

Our team has theoretical and practical experience; 30% of our team has a PhD. in the field.

We scan the Internet and analyze more than 400 million domain names, 2 billion subdomains, billions of IP addresses, SSL certificates, and web pages. We present the data you need to understand what’s going on on the Internet. Every day, we are dealing with terabytes of data, hundreds of data sources, billions of lines of raw data.

We are empowering top cybersecurity companies and their top-notch products.

I'm looking forward to sharing more about what we are doing in the next posts.

Please don’t forget to follow Deepinfo’s Linkedin page. You can also find me on Linkedin.


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