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Secure your external attack surface with the only Attack Surface Platform that truly scales.

The IT and telecom industry is constantly under attack from cybercriminals. These attacks can be costly and disruptive, and they can damage a company's reputation. Deepinfo is an attack surface management (ASM) product that can help IT and telecom companies protect themselves from these attacks.

Deepinfo provides a comprehensive view of an organization's attack surface, including all of its assets, both on-premises and in the cloud. It also identifies all of the potential attack vectors that could be used to exploit these assets. This information can be used to prioritize security investments and to implement targeted mitigation measures.

Deepinfo also provides continuous monitoring of the attack surface. This ensures that companies are always aware of new threats and vulnerabilities. In the event of an attack, Deepinfo can help to identify the source of the attack and to contain the damage.

Benefits of Deepinfo for IT & Telecom Industry

  • Reduced risk of cyber attacks: Deepinfo can help to reduce the risk of cyber attacks by providing a comprehensive view of the attack surface and by identifying potential attack vectors.

  • Improved security posture: Deepinfo can help to improve an organization's security posture by providing insights into security gaps and by recommending mitigation measures.

  • Increased visibility: Deepinfo can help to increase visibility into the attack surface, which can help to improve decision-making and to prioritize security investments.

  • Reduced costs: Deepinfo can help to reduce costs by preventing costly cyber attacks and by reducing the need for manual security tasks.

Use Cases for Deepinfo in IT & Telecom Industry

  • Vulnerability management: Deepinfo can be used to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in IT and telecom assets.

  • Incident response: Deepinfo can be used to investigate and respond to cyber incidents.

  • Threat intelligence: Deepinfo can be used to gather and analyze threat intelligence to identify and mitigate emerging threats.

  • Compliance: Deepinfo can be used to help organizations comply with security regulations.

Deepinfo is an essential tool for IT and Telecom Companies that are looking to protect themselves from cyber attacks. It provides a comprehensive view of the attack surface, continuous monitoring, and actionable insights that can be used to improve security posture and reduce risk.

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