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Deepinfo has the most comprehensive Internet-wide data and has been using this data for years to empower cybersecurity of all sizes of organizations worldwide. 

Deepinfo Attack Surface Platform empowers all sizes of organizations'' security by providing actionable insights. Deepinfo also provides top-notch cybersecurity companies with comprehensive threat intelligence solutions, data, and APIs.


Deepinfo was founded in 2016 by a highly skilled team with PhDs and masters in cybersecurity and big data.

We got seed+ investments from angel investors from the US and Europe.

After working on collecting Internet-wide data for years and gaining experience, we launched many products for different cybersecurity needs. We have been empowering the security of top-notch cybersecurity companies and thousands of organizations for years.

In 2020, we combined all products and services into one and became Deepinfo.

We are passionate about cybersecurity and proud to make the Internet safer.


Macit Tuna

Macit Tuna

Founder, CEO
Ferruh Mavituna

Ferruh Mavituna

Board Member

Latest News

We Deal With A Tremendous Amount Of Internet Data

400 Million

Domain Names

2 Billion


4 Billion

IP Addresses

100 Billion


100 Billion

Whois Records

100 Billion

DNS Records

10 Billion

SSL Certificates


Anthony W.
CISO, Healthcare Company

We are very pleased with Deepinfo's ability to help us discover and protect our external attack surface. The platform has helped us discover all of our organization's digital assets, including those we are not aware of publicly accessible. Besides other tools we tried before, Deepinfo has provided us with actionable insights that we can use to protect our organization from cyber threats.

Dr. Emin İslam Tatlı
Director of Cyber Security, Turkcell

We have been using Deepinfo data and APIs to empower our security products for several years. I can't imagine a solution without real-time and reliable data provided by Deepinfo. Deepinfo provides comprehensive data and APIs that allow us to identify and block threats before they reach thousands of customers worldwide. We've been delighted with the results and highly recommend Deepinfo to organizations looking to protect themselves and their customers from cyber threats.




Gunbatimi Sokak 1, 34773 Umraniye, Istanbul

R&D Office

Bilişim Vadisi, 41400
Gebze, Koceli

Europe Office

10 Rue du Colisée
75008 Paris

MENA Office

Dar Al Awadi Tower, Ahmad Al Jaber St,
Kuwait City, KUWAIT

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